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Laboratory Diagnostics and Blood work - Apple Valley Animal Hospital - Hendersonville, NC

Laboratory Diagnostics

Just as in human medicine, early detection and treatment can add years to your pet's life. Laboratory testing is the most sensitive means doctors have for early diagnosis of infection, blood disorders, diabetes, kidney and liver disease, thyroid function, hormonal problems and cancer. Lab testing is especially important before anesthetic procedures. Blood work helps detect conditions which could make anesthesia unsafe and aids in the selection of the best type of anesthesia for your pet. Our state of the art IDEXX equipment allows us to evaluate over 95% of our tests in-house. For emergencies and time critical cases, this ability is invaluable. In those cases where samples must be sent out, certified university and regional veterinary testing laboratories often return results within twenty-four hours.

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In-house Cytology

Microscopic parasites, bacterial infection and individual cell conditions provide vital clues about illness and disease. The Doctor's ability to interpret individual results in relationship to each other provides further diagnostic information and results from years of training and experience.

Microscope - Cytology - Apple Valley Animal Hospital - Hendersonville, NC

Radiogrpahy - Apple Valley Animal Hospital - Hendersonville, NC


This non-invasive diagnostic tool provides valuable information for the veterinarian with minimal stress on the patient. Results and treatment plans can almost always be given at the time of the appointment.

Allergy Testing and Treatment

Allergies can make a pet miserable. After testing for allergic sensitivities an injectable serum, specific to the pet's allergies, can provide significant relief.

Allergy and Treatment - Apple Valley Animal  Hospital - Hendersonville, NC

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