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Tips for Pet Proofing Your Yard

Pet Proofing Your Yard - Apple Valley Animal Hospital - Hendersonville, NC

All pets should be in a fenced area.

Invisible fences are not recommended because, while keeping your pet in, they do not keep other pets or wild animals out.

Check fences frequently for loose boards, gaps, uneven ground, dangerous areas, and signs of digging (inside and outside).

Make sure lawn furniture cannot trap your pets neck or legs.

Make sure any lawn ornaments are unbreakable and secure. Secure bird baths or bird feeders so they cannot be knocked over.

Remove any small objects like toys, garden supplies and rocks that could be swallowed.

Remove or enclose any ponds, deep fountains or other water features that could pose a drowning hazard.

Never store any toxins in or around the yard such as rodenticide, insecticide, slug bait, fertilizer or antifreeze. Always keep dangerous items in secure containers out of the reach of pets.

Follow the manufactures recommendations regarding pet access times when fertilizing or treating the yard.

Make sure your pet cannot get into flower beds and vegetable gardens. Some plants and many garden products can be toxic to pets.

Remove or fence any hazardous plants. These include poinsettias, orange day lilies, tulips, ferns, holly bushes, and some ivy plants.

If you have a dog that digs, you may need to extend a barrier wire at least 6 inches below the ground. 

Provide your pet a safe shelter, out of direct sunlight.

Be sure your pet has plenty of fresh drinking water at all times.

Clean pet waste often to keep a safe and clean romping area.

Keep the yard securely gated, even if it means using a padlock to prevent any escape routes.

Watch for trash and it may blow into the area where your pet can chew or swallow it.

Despite our best efforts, sometimes a pet will get out of their yard. Make sure your pet is well identified with a collar, up-to-date tags, and  a microchip.

Bored pets are more likely to dig or be destructive. If you leave your dog outside for extended periods, provide lot of chew toys and dog toys filled with treats to keep them busy.

Pet Proofing Your Yard - Apple Valley Animal Hospital - Hendersonville, NC

Skunk Spray Odor Removal (Home Remedy)

Mix outside and apply immediately: 

  • 1 quart Hydrogen Peroxide
  • 1/2 cup Baking Soda
  • 2 Tablespoons Dawn Dish Soap

Mix well. Sponge or spray on and leave for 20 minutes. Rinse and bathe with normal shampoo. 

Commercial options: Nature's Miracle Skunk Odor Remover; Skunk Off

**Note: Skunks have developed a very effective defense, and no commercial or home remedy is 100% effective. Your pet may still have that skunk smell when he or she gets wet.